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The original “The Old Mill BBS” ran on a Tandon 286 PC with 640k of RAM and a 32Mb Hard Disk. It connected to the phone line using a US Robotics Sportster 14k4 (14,400 bits per second) modem. Which was later upgraded to a 28k8 (28,800 bits per second) model.

In addition to the downloadable files stored on the Hard Disk it had a double speed, 4 CD, slot loading, CD-ROM changer (WOW!) that also contained files available for download.

The operating system on the PC was MS-DOS 3.3 and also ran Novell Netware Lite 1.1 to allow network connectivity to Colin’s thinwire Ethernet home network.

The BBS Software was “Remote Access” which ran in “shell to mailer” mode. The mailer in this case was “Front Door”.

Once Remote Access was fired up on the PC it opened a shell and ran Front Door, this “listened” for, and answered, incoming calls.

If the call was a mail transfer call it received the mail packages. Once the call had finished it called the mail tosser software (Fast Echo) which processed the mail packages and sorted the mail into the correct mail areas.

If the call was a BBS call (i.e. a human using a computer, modem & terminal software), Front Door dropped out and the call was processed by Remote Access. Once the call was finished Remote Access once again opened a shell and ran Front Door.