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The Old Mill BBS was a dial-up Bulletin Board System that was live between 1994 and 1999 in Dunadry near Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The SysOp was Colin Barnes (me). The BBS was part of the Fidonet and Sportsnet mail networks. There was also a large selection of files available for download and a number of games that could be played online. The most popular game was LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon).

My Fidonet address was 2:443/921 and my Sportsnet address was 13:331/921. I chose 921 as my system's node number as it was the last 3 digits of the system's dial-in number (+44 1849 433921). The nodelist history for 2:443/921 can be found at the website.

I also used 921 as my Autograss racing licence number (DA 921).

Picture of Class 1 Autograss car DA 921

The usual format for downloadable files was ZIP (PKZIP as it was originally). Below is a picture of the ZIP comment that was added to downloadable files.

ASCII ZIP comment from The Old Mill BBS downloadable files

I am hoping to resurrect something similar to The Old Mill BBS now. Hopefully there will soon be a telnet "Old Mill BBS".

The Old Mill BBS is now live at or

When I was testing these links I found that they didn't work properly with Chrome as it didn't fire up my telnet client ( PuTTY or NetRunner) when I clicked the link. I eventually found out how to get this working. I have documented the solution on the Telnet Configuration for Windows 10 page (This may also work in other versions of Windows.).